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Betekenis: Delivery Rate

Wat is een Delivery Rate?

Delivery rate is a metric that measures the percentage of emails that are successfully delivered to their intended recipients. It represents the number of emails that were sent and actually arrived in the recipient's inbox, as opposed to being blocked by spam filters or bounced back as undeliverable.

A high delivery rate is desirable for email marketers and businesses, as it indicates that their messages are reaching their target audience and that their email campaigns are effective. A low delivery rate, on the other hand, can be a sign of technical issues with the email infrastructure or that the email content is being flagged as spam by recipient email systems.

Improving delivery rate requires monitoring and addressing various technical and content-related factors, such as ensuring proper email authentication, avoiding triggering spam filters, and testing the email content and subject line to ensure that it resonates with the target audience. By regularly monitoring and improving delivery rate, businesses can increase the effectiveness of their email campaigns and improve the overall success of their marketing efforts.

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